Q & A

To be a part of the VRY BLK Conference (Exhibitor, Panelist, Speaker, Planning team), you MUST identify as one of the following. Black, African American, African, Afro-x! 

Q: How long is the conference? 


A: The VRY BLK conference is a one-day conference. 


Q: Is the VRY BLK an organization?


A: The VRY BLK is not a registered organization.

Q: What do you mean by Afro-x? 


A: People of mixed African Ancestry. For example: Afro-Latina/o,  Afro-Asian.


Q: I do not identify as Black, African American, African, and/or Afro-x. Can I still attend the VRY BLK Conference? 


A: YES! Everyone is welcome to attend! However, you will not be able to be an vendor, panelist, and/or keynote speaker. We strive to bring out the creative and innovative skills within the black community. To better connect with each other and our youth, it's important that we have representation. 

If your question was not on here, please email us at vryblkconference@gmail.com and/or follow us IG and send us a message @vryblkconfernce


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