CEO & Founder of Destined for Success

Case Manager at the Center for Urban Community Services

Campaign Manager for the Nassau County Legislation 

Destiny Kirk is a recent college graduate from the University of Hartford. Where she graduated  with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Government; and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an emphasis in Global Development.


At 21 years of age, Destiny has had the opportunity to work for Congress while it was in session, sit on the bench of the NY State Courts, and work along side of the staff of the Governor of Connecticut, where she learned that public policy and community outreach is where she thrived. Her recent endeavors are campaign planning, as she is currently assisting with the Nassau County Legislation Elections; and Case Managing for the Center for Urban Community Services, where Destiny is assisting with the social, and career development of underserved communities such as the homeless, special needs and HIV/Aids population.  All of these opportunities, would not have been possible if it was not for her expertise in professional literacy. This expertise in professional literacy, birthed Destined for Success. A program that Destiny designed to teach professional literacy to high school students in underserved communities. Very grateful for her success, Destiny realized that if she can share the key to accomplishing professional development, others can also easily accomplish their goals. Destined for Success is focused on bridging the gap between our youth and the influential professionals that they will become one day; and hopes to spread professional literacy in school curriculum  nationwide.


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